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05/19/03—character page for The Benders was finally added. Check it out now.
02/10/03—The Baddies finally uploaded. Minor tweakings throughout.
12/13/02—Woooo. Friday the 13th. Woobies page finally linked.
11/24/02—After loooong lag, the Skelebunnies page was finally redone. Woobies coming soon.
05/06/02—Romper Room start page.
05/02/02—Simon char page added!
03/11/02—Spanktacular (finally), Interview link.
1/20/02—After much procrastination: Polly, and Boy Skele
12/20/01—The Skelebunnies main page has been renovated in anticipation for the upcoming page on the new Skelebunnies Spanktacular!, otherwise no work done.
11/30/01—Intro character page up since last week. Today: skeles. The character pages are truly on their way to greatness. Much greatness.
11/9/01=m/d/y—I got the Skelebunnies characer page started. It makes me look like I did something.
Somedays ago: Fixed Skelebunies summary. Added Merriam-Webster Dictionary to links page.
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used with permission.