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Mission Statement


Proposed activities/actions

As an advocacy and education group, this activity will take the hands-on approach to reach its goals.  Through field trips, letter writing, guest speakers, and individual research and presentation, we hope to give students a better understanding of the environment around them and the effects they are having on the environment.  Writing letters to our government to condemn or applaud the government’s actions affecting nature.  Through writing we can show our support for certain organizations and represent SI as a community who cares.  We may also be involved with the beach cleanups.  This will allow the students to appreciate and understand the fragile coastline that is constantly effected by human activity.  Field trips to places such as the Steinhart Aquarium, Academy of Sciences, Monterrey Bay Aquarium, Randall Museum, and Coyote Point allows students to actually see for themselves what is out there in the world to preserve.  Field trips are especially necessary in this because in order to connect with what we are doing, one must experience nature of him or herself.  Students may do individual research and presentations to the group.  They can use the group as an open forum and discuss and educate anyone interested in their topic of interest.  Absorbing and maintaining the recycling and composting programs will be another priority.  Our campus has a very good recycling program but the composting program needs much more work.  Hardly anyone even cares about the composting bins anymore, they throw plastic bags, wrappers, anything, into the composting bins.  Our activity canbe here to help to educate on the current situation.


Structure of organization

·        Currently, about 10 core members

o       All juniors

o       No formal recruiting has been done

o       A more diversed and larger turn out is expected


Proposed meeting schedules

·        After school, at least, once every 2 weeks

o       No lunch periods because of conflicts

o       Will discuss with members

·        Try to mold to their convience