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I love my thesaurus.

This is where all the things I'm too tired to categorize go. Here on the left, you can find Buddy Icons made just for you. To use, just click on them and they'll be your buddy icon for AIM. I messed up on the Heenie one. Be certain that you are online and logged on to AIM, before you click. Failure to do so will result in very bad things.

More might come. After you click wait for the little "Confirm action" box to come up.

Make your own and send them if you would like. Icons must be 48x48 pixels. Send them here,

skeptictank - saturday night dance party stat003 cd 1999
"a 21-track (mostly covers) piece of junk in the tradition of 'songs penned'." I have no idea what that is. A cover drawn by Mr. Kovac, for Skeptictank, as you can clearly see. Yes, I know nothing about this record or anything. Maybe I do, but I'm not saying, Ha. Don't mind me...


crappy.htmlAnother foray deep into half-assed-workmanship territory. I was just thinking of crappy fan pages that are so crappy you would want to kill whoever it was that made it cuz everything that is on that page is just so crappy... like that one.

P.S. There's no actual "DreamBook" for that page. I just put that because I had the impression that crappy pages always have dreambooks cuz they're so much cooler than the traditional GuestBook.

Random things that you HAVE to see before you get anymore senile. Nothing to do with anything really. click.
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all stitch and skelebunnies and all related artwork ™ & © 2001, Tommy Kovac, all rights reserved
used with permission.