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Lambie Land Links

Tommy Kovac's site- speaks for itself

Slave Labor Graphics-The publisher of Stitch, Skelebunnies, and other fine comics.
         SLG Webstore-CONSUME!

Stuff to See
Radiohead-greatest band in the world.

akimotox-anime stuff, fan page(?), not mine. Never updated. UPDATE DAMN YOU!

Leon's Random Generators-Need a name for a new band? Need instant, unbiased advice? Hop on over to Leon's and get some quality random shizz.

Nasubi-A sad and hilarious tale of a depraved culture

The Journal Comic-by Drew Weing. It's interesting. The Wal-Mart one is especially cool.

Ali G-I have a friend call ALiG, or at least we call her that. Da sight's so wicked! Check out Da Gospel.
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Just right click, or hold down on your mouse and save, upload, and link! It's that easy! Okay I will stop now, I'm starting to sound like an infomercial.
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used with permission.