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Lambie Land Contacts

HEENIE@JUNO.COM-The great Mr. Tommy Kovac's E-mail address. It's very nice of him to give us his own address and read stuff, SO BE NICE!

DAN@SLAVELABOR.COM-Mr. Dan Vado, the president, founder, etc, etc of Slave Labor Graphics. Why should you E-mail him? He's sorta Mr. Kovac's boss, I guess.

Tommy Kovac c/o
Slave Labor Graphics
848 The Alameda
San Jose, CA 95126

LAMBIELAND@LYCOS.COM-All files and "HTML enhanced" E-mails go here, anything LambieLand related for the one who types tags endlessly in Notepad.
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all stitch and skelebunnies and all related artwork ™ & © 2001, Tommy Kovac, all rights reserved
used with permission.