My Return to HELL

The beginning: A can of Chunky meat-lovers stew on top of my microwave. Has been there since the dawn of time (last week). It is now dried, disgusting, and still on top of my microwave
1st offense of the night: roses in my Brita water filter. The rest of the carcass is now on the ground next to the filthy garbage cans.
Oh lookee here! What happened to my plate of tortilla chips?
"Oh, Vi. I was hungry. So I ate all your nachos"
BEEZNATCH! You ate my brownie too!
Oh, I think I'm going to eat some chili, cuz I haven't eaten anything all day, except for that Jack-in-the-Box chicken sandwich John bought. Well... hey, why's the napkin full of stains(see above). Hmmm... Maybe she was stupid again. Hey... Why's it all EATEN.
You ate my fucking chili too.
No, actually, David* ate your chili.


*He's the young whoreling that stayed overnight and commented on much of a deep sleeper I was.
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