It's around 5. We return to the dorms from out day out in town, downtown and at the beach. We see Foo, who was dressed up as can be. Apparently she is going to a party. Apparently, Savant is also going. I want to go too, just to see Savant getting drunk, or getting appalled at the people getting drunk. Whichever happens.

Key players:

Drunk already.(jK!!! TeEhEe!1!!)
As paranoid as ever.
Birthday girl, Supposedly hot guy, and 8th grader

Eventual drunks. Except for Sonny, he went to a stoned bonfire at the stoner beach of this, here stoner town.

The dramatic ride there. I pity the Foo.


<---Jeremy and da Foo: a classic movie moment.

Supposedly hot guy and his not so hot friend.-->
The room temperature keg, getting it in the ass by Aryan.
<-------Drunk, tipsy, stoned

Who dares take pictures?! I am ineubriated! Stop raping me!! ------>
Oh no, I think I'm going to be sick. Allow me to vomit in my own room (INSIDE JOKE!! : D )
<----Look! It's Xenon! He's drunk AGAIN!

Stoned... So... Stoned.---------->


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